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European health insurance card

Worth having as it is free and the government has said that it will be honoured for 5 years after Brexit. It will help with medical treatment and is free from the Government site or £27 from other agencies

European driving permit

Costs £5.50 from the post office. You will need to take a UK driving licence or paper copy and passport along with a passport photo. Main post offices only

Speeding fines

The French are now issuing speeding tickets to all UK drivers who exceed the limit. This has been overlooked in the past but now enforced. Whilst you can probably get away without paying it remember that if you sunsequently return, your car reg will be on the data base..

Travel insurance is reccomended and so is carrying the obligatory kit. Yellow vests on display will help avoid blockades if they continue.

There is no reason why you should not enjoy hassle free European driving  but during this transitional period around Brexit I strongly advocate obeying all the European driving Regulations,

Insurance and equiptment


Crays will always be present at the lake as we are located on an island. I have fished around the world for carp for over 30 years and can definitely tell you that they really aren't a major problem!  Crayfish are important in the fishery as they eat fish eggs which in turn stops the lake being over run with small fish. They also help clean up the silt and detritis.

1. use netting or shrink wrap around your hookbait

2. use a very strong thick hooklink that wont get rubbed and cause losses.

3. use more bait and re bait every 4-6 hours.

4. use a hair extender stop rather than a flat one


The last 4 seasons we have had no problems with

the crayfish!


useful tips though for avoiding crayfish


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