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particle baits

I do not want to tell you what you can and cannot use but have to manage my fishery with its development and improvement in mind. I am allowing particles but please insure they are properly prepared and kept to sensible limits. 

Shelf life baits

The best quality preserved baits will be available from the A Bait at cost price for your trip to the lake.

These are the baits that will be the staple food of the fish in Lac Du Blaireau.

cost price boxes of A Bait can be ordered at the bottom of this page

fresh / freezer baits

You are welcome to use whatever boilies you like 

tried and tested includes

Galaxy Baits


carp and fish feed pellets are fine but please do not bring high oil pellets such as halibut or trout pellet. The oil released tends to hang around for ages and looks unsightly. With your help we can implement quality feeds from the preferred partners at great prices discounted to you.


Please take any bait that has past its best home and do not dump it in the lakes. Keep your bait packed away and discourage vermin. We are on an island surrounded by water, the perfect environment for rodents. Please dont make it easy for them.

You are welcome to use your own boilies or Order bait below

To ensure that good quality bait goes into the lake The A bait is available

at cost price for your booking. Please use the contact us form to specify choices. 5kg bags available in 15mm and 18mm

25kg is £145 delivered to your house ! 

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