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Blaireau is a mature tree lined gravel pit. We have constructed the swims out of natural materials to compliment the back to nature feel.


We are like a lot of properties in France, off grid. However you can get a hot shower at the lake with a solar/gas/battery set up. The wooden cabin also has a dry toilet and a powerful solar/inverter system with USB and English plug socket for recharging. There is also a catch log to keep you updated. We are now connected to mains water!

We are quiet and peaceful but only 15 minutes from all local amenities.

We are constantly working on the lake to improve the fishing and environment to make your stay more enjoyable.

Lac Du Blaireau is almost 100 years old and has plenty of history. We have attempted to restore the property to its former glory using natural materials but this meant every year we were redoing the same work. In the last 12 months we have used 100 ton of sand and gravel and swims are now lined with oak and artificial decking. 

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