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The 10 commandments

1. ALL Rubbish must be taken away from the fishery including unused bait

2. No braided main line or leadcore. Leads must be able to discharge

3. No damage to any wildlife or surroundings

4. carp to be retained no longer than 30 minutes and returned ASAP

5. Please lock buildings and gates when leaving

6. Return all LDP fixtures such as mats and slings back to lockable storage before leaving

7. Anglers must be out of the swim by 1pm on saturday handover

8. On individual booking weeks a draw will take place for swims between 12-1pm

9. Boats used at own risk. Boats will be necessary in high wire swim

10. Enjoy your stay and be respectful to my neighbours, do not go onto adjoining properties

 Please unhook and photograph all large carp in the water.


Very few rules and I hope to keep it this way. Please be respectful of the fish and the equiptment that is available for you to use. A log book will always be available on site so you can see how the lake has been fishing. I also like to give you a call and a chat the week before your booking.

Tight lines

Jay and Paul

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