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1. Badgers                                 2. Pixies

3. Sand Pit                                 4. Halfway House

5. Iron Throne                             6. High Wire

7. The Royal Box



Badger Lake is a small mature, tree lined lake but its many features make it a proper angling challenge.

Shower/ toilet behind 2 on the map 

The venue is ideal for 3 or 4 people but can take 5 on an exclusive booking which we prefer. Swim 1 and 2 is a large social swim and can easily take 3 large bivvies. In swim 3 there is a bivvy pod which is free to use. The lake is 150 miles from Calais and is an easy motorway journey that can be done in 2 hours. We only offer drive and survive but there is a hot shower, flushing toilet and a solar power charging system to make things a bit more comfortable. The local area has everything you could need, and a short drive will take you into large towns.

Every swim is good and contains a wide variation of features. In spring the lake is normally 4 - 9 feet deep which drops about 2 feet going through summer into Autumn. You will find plateaus and shallow bars with hard spots and silt pockets. It is a great angling water, and it always pays to watch the fish. There is a permanent log on the lake of catches and stockings, and I like to call you in person with a "heads up" before your visit.

The lake is being developed as a big fish lake and already contains fish to 60lbs. Supplied at the lake are xl mats and cradles and there are also life jackets and boats which can be used at your own risk.

There are no silly rules just common sense to help you enjoy your stay and catch some amazing fish!   


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